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I am a repeat customer! I have purchased hub caps, a truck bed liner and a set of headlights online and they were delivered within two hours. Do yourself a favor and get something, you won't regret it.      

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I can now brag of having the most stylish car in my neighborhood. I have made multiple aftermarket upgrades to my car making it the envy of everyone else. If you didn't know where I got them, now you know. 

LPG conversions in London are on the increase

 The benefits of LPG conversion, particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness have made many vehicle owners in London install the kits. LPG means liquefied petroleum gas. Your vehicle’s gas fuel is converted into liquid while under moderate temperature. This reduces the amount of fuel used as well as the amount of dangerous gases emitted. To have your vehicle installed with LPG, you should look for UKLPG Approved Installers. There is a list of installers online. You will be provided with information regarding various installers, from which you can select the one closest to your area.  Money Supermarket offers a map which you can use to easily locate LPG installation companies.

LPG conversion and installation involves a number of steps.  Your vehicle is first installed with a new fuel system. You may have to look for a new tank, which is either placed under your vehicle or in your spare wheel well. Your vehicle will also be installed with a convertor, which helps change the liquefied fuel into gas.  Once the tank is fitted, the LPG is pumped through a hose. It goes through the conversion process before it reaches the combustion system. Your vehicle will also be installed with a lock to prevent an overflow of fuel. Read More...

Quality Car Servicing Kent

Keeping your car in shape: can you do it yourself?

If you own a car, you should be familiar with at least some basic knowledge about how it runs, what it needs, what kind of manteinance you need to perform and how often, and how to repair some things when they break. The more you use your car and the oldest it is, the more you will need to get it checked for some malfunctions or problems in the engine or any other place. However, if you do your manteinance and properly take care of the vehicle, it should run for a reasonable long time and be reliable to you, so you are not very likely to end up in the middle of the road with a steaming engine and two hours of wait for the tow to come.

There are many things you can do yourself, like changing oil or refrigerants, replacing tyres and even changing the lightbulb of the frontlights in case it breaks. You can perform quite many auto repair basics, and even if you don't have the knowledge, nowaydays you have an Internet flooded with instructions and tutorial videos where you can learn almost anything about home repairs to your car. Read More...

LPG Conversions Essex of All Car Brands

The costs of running a car can be pretty high; road taxes, insurance, repairs, fuel, MOT, among many others. With the increased costs of living, it is prudent to find ways to reduce what you spend on your car yet keep it functioning efficiently. The biggest chunk of your car expenditure goes to fuel. Is there a cheaper, safe and equally effective alternative to petrol/diesel? 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Commonly referred to as LPG, this is one of the alternative sources of fuel to petrol today. In the UK, you will find more than 1,400 stations that supply LPG. A litre of LPG goes for half the price of a litre of petrol. This means that if your car consumes about a gallon for every 37 miles, you can save up to £61 for every 1,000 miles you are on the road. Read More...