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Sophie Baker
Wholesale Club, Inc

I bought some sunglasses from your outlet in Bristol and driving in the sun has never felt so great. This is the one stop shop for all the drivers who want to stand out. 

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I am a repeat customer! I have purchased hub caps, a truck bed liner and a set of headlights online and they were delivered within two hours. Do yourself a favor and get something, you won't regret it.      

Lucas Holt

I can now brag of having the most stylish car in my neighborhood. I have made multiple aftermarket upgrades to my car making it the envy of everyone else. If you didn't know where I got them, now you know. 

Powershift gearbox repairs

The best repairs only

When it comes to hiring services, you will always want the best of the best, or at least that would be your aspiration. Whoever you pay to do a job for you, you will want them to be skilled and capable, very honest about their work, and with a great sense of compromise to you and to the work they perform. When you entrust them with your most valuable possessions, then this becomes even more evident and important. You want them to be responsible with what they do with your things. And who wouldn't?

Taking your car to a repairsman is never a light subject. Would you drop your vehicle off at any random garage, with no references whatsoever, and just some promises on a website or coloured sign about how great their service is and how cheap it will be for you? Of course you wouldn't. What is at stake is too important, and were they to fail at their job, it might cost you up to thousands of pounds, days and days lost, and even more damage to your car because of malpractice. You don't want them to drag you around, asking for more and more money to perform unclear repairs or mysterious replacements with parts of unidentified sources that could end up being terrible and breaking soon or damaging your car even more. You will want the best, and only the best, not only the most skilled repairsmen but also the most responsible and ethic workers providing the best service to you and all their clients.

Find a gearbox specialist

The desire to find a good mechanic is universal, but in some cases it becomes of even more critical importance, because some parts of your car are more complex and require a higher level of skill in order to be properly checked, repaired and replaced. Almost anyone can change a tyre or a lightbulb, but some other parts require extra training and special tools, so you can't just go to any garage and expect them to do a good job with those. You need a specialist.

Your car's gearbox is one of the most important parts of the whole vehicle. Practically all of them are important to some extent, fundamental for the car to run, but if your gearbox isn't working well, the whole vehicle will suffer and you might even end up unable to drive it any further. Gearboxes transmit the power of the engine to the wheels and help it make the most out of its power, adapting to the situation and the road so you always keep your car's speed and pull under control. Gearbox malfunctions will not only make the driving experience much worse and more difficult, but they might even be dangerous if you lose control of the drive of your car. So you should get them checked every time you sense something off in the way your gears switch, and a routine checkup every once in a while wouldn't hurt.

But how do you find a reliable garage where you can take your car for gearbox repairs and replacements? Gearboxes are so complex and delicate that you need an expert hand to deal with them properly, and expert eyes to tell exactly what is wrong and what to do to make it right. Not any garage will provide such great specialised service. So what do you do?

Reliable gearbox specialists

There might be no better garage in the UK than Automatic Man when it comes to dealing with gearbox repairs. These are the experts you have been looking for. Trained personnel, skilled repairsmen at your service with the latest technology in gearbox tools, software and digital resources to evaluate the delicate balance of your gears, run performance checks and detect exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done to repair it.

Automatic Man is your best choice for gearbox repairs, and they provide the best quality service, but this doesn't mean they will charge you a lot of money for their great work. As a matter of fact, their quotations are accessible for the job they do, and their skills are far better than most expensive garages that will trick you into paying more than you need to. Automatic Man is the garage you need, and here you can find gearbox replacement parts from the best providers, as well as entrust the lads with your vehicle for complete checkups and repairs. You can rest assure they will do a great job.