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LPG conversions in London are on the increase

 The benefits of LPG conversion, particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness have made many vehicle owners in London install the kits. LPG means liquefied petroleum gas. Your vehicle’s gas fuel is converted into liquid while under moderate temperature. This reduces the amount of fuel used as well as the amount of dangerous gases emitted. To have your vehicle installed with LPG, you should look for UKLPG Approved Installers. There is a list of installers online. You will be provided with information regarding various installers, from which you can select the one closest to your area.  Money Supermarket offers a map which you can use to easily locate LPG installation companies.

LPG conversion and installation involves a number of steps.  Your vehicle is first installed with a new fuel system. You may have to look for a new tank, which is either placed under your vehicle or in your spare wheel well. Your vehicle will also be installed with a convertor, which helps change the liquefied fuel into gas.  Once the tank is fitted, the LPG is pumped through a hose. It goes through the conversion process before it reaches the combustion system. Your vehicle will also be installed with a lock to prevent an overflow of fuel.

Advantages of LPG

The introduction of LPG has indeed been of great advantage to vehicle users. There has been quite an increase in the number of vehicles installed with LPG kits, particularly in London. Autocar strongly agrees that switching to LPG is bound to benefit motorists quite significantly. Here are some of the major reasons why vehicle owners are moving in this direction:

• Converting your vehicle to LPG may help you save up to half the amount you use on traditional fuel. The price of gas is higher than liquefied petroleum by far. Since the gas prices keep increasing, many vehicle owners have opted for LPG. Torque Cars helps you calculate the total amount you can save by switching to LPG.

• The clean burning property of LPG makes it environmentally friendly; since it has very low emissions of dangerous gases. When under low temperature, LPG is cleaner. This means that it greatly contributes to keeping the environment clean during short journeys; when the temperature of the engine is still low. If used well, LPG can extend your vehicle’s engine life significantly.

• Using LPG reduces the number of times you need to have your vehicle serviced.  You only need to change your engine oil once in a long while.

Disadvantages of LPG

Even with the improvements that LPG has brought about in terms of environmental conservation; there are a few problems associated with it. Some of the reasons why vehicle owners are skeptical about installing LPG include the following:

• Vehicle owners have a difficult time trying to access filling stations with LPG. Even though there are a number of LPG filling and servicing stations throughout the UK, most motorists need to drive quite a long distance to the nearest one. It may be quite inconvenient if your vehicle breaks down while you are far from an LPG station.

• Having your vehicle installed with LPG will cost you a lot of money. Despite the fact that you will save the money spent on fuel after installing it, the initial cost may push vehicle owners away. 

• The extra fuel system installed in your vehicle may take up a lot of space, particularly if you have a small boot. In addition, finding the appropriate LPG tank for your vehicle may be expensive.

• LPG works best when the engine is still cold. Using LPG during a long journey can lead to your engine overheating. 

Parting Shot

The introduction of LPG has been seen to be of great help to motorists. They finally have a way to cut down on fuel expenses. LPG is also a very important step with regard to environmental conservation and the general well being of humans. Vehicles running on LPG emit very little amounts of gases that are harmful to human health. 

If you convert your vehicle to LPG, it is important that you inform your insurance company.  You also need to find out the terms offered by your LPG installer. There are different warranties offered by different installers. Therefore, you need to look for that which you find the most convenient.

It is important to note that LPG vehicles may require special repairs. Find out from your nearest LPG station or installer whether they offer repairs. If not, you can search online for the nearest company where your LPG vehicle can be repaired. Big LPG is well known for offering great repair services for LPG cars.